Introducing the Colossus II

The Colossus II Crusher from Sims Foundry Technologies is custom designed specifically for the size reduction of gating systems and scrap castings in the Foundry industry.

It is principally used to process grey and ductile iron, aluminium and brass.
Experience shows that by crushing this material prior to re-melt, foundries achieve the following benefits:
  • Reduction in labour costs to break and handle scrap
  • Reduction in handling costs due to more efficient equipment usage
  • Reduction in fork lift truck movement
  • Reduction in magnetic crane movements
  • Increased density of charge for re-melt at furnace/cupola
  • Fewer loads to recharge the furnace/cupola
  • Reduction in recharge time
  • Reduction in furnace/cupola cover opening times
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Reduction in damage to refractory linings as crusher eliminates bridging both in the charge device and inside the furnace/cupola
  • Increased melt rate per hour of up to 50%
The Colossus II Crusher range covers capacities from 4 - 16 tonnes/hour. The crushers are designed for the continuous crushing of grey and ductile iron, aluminium or brass runners, risers and scrap castings.

The material to be crushed is fed in the top of the crusher and is crushed between the moving plate and the fixed plate. The moving plate is powered by a hydraulic cylinder and can be controlled in either manual or automatic mode.

The crushed material discharges at the bottom of the crusher.


See a two-minute video of the Colossus II Crusher in action.